Nagoya Remedial Therapy | Remedial Therapy and Sports Massage | 6 minutes walk from Kanayama station in Nagoya

名古屋リメディアルセラピー |金山総合駅より徒歩6分 オーストラリア発のマッスルセラピー(筋肉療法)とスポーツマッサージのサロンです

What is Remedial Therapy?

Remedial therapy is a kind of physical therapy that is used to address issues of pain and discomfort in the body.It is considered to be complementary medicine in the sphere of Western medicine and is even covered by some health insurance providers in some western countries.

Remedial therapy is based on Swedish massage and the therapist uses soft- tissue release, deep tissue release, trigger point technique, MET (Muscle energy techniques) and myofascial release. The therapist also needs knowledge of anatomy and physiology to determine where to treat each client.

Remedial massage is often used by athletes but is equally effective for non-sports people.

  • Back & neck pain
  • Shoulder and neck tension
  • Tension headaches & migraines
  • Improved body alignment
  • Sciatica, hip & lower back pain
  • Overuse injuries ・Injury recovery
  • Improved flexibility & range of motion

Menu & Price

for the initial treatment,
・60minutes Remedial Therapy (without oil) 4800yen
・60minutes Remedial Therapy (with oil) 6000yen

  • 60minutes Remedial Therapy (without oil) 5800yen
  • 90minutes Remedial Therapy (without oil) 8300yen
  • 60minutes Remedial Therapy (with oil) 7000yen
  • 90minutes Remedial Therapy (with oil) 9500yen
  • 30minutes Remedial Therapy (with oil) for neck and head 3500yen
  • 30minutes Myofascial Release (with oil) for arms and hands 3500yen
*Please pay by cash. No credit cards are available.
*Treatments for men's client need a referral from your friend who has been Nagoya Remedial Therapy before.


Room 602, Rainbow Ⅱ Kanayama, 1-2-5 Kanayama Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken

「名古屋リメディアルセラピー」の場所を大きな地図で見る(google mapへリンク)


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